An Overview of the Smoking BanNo Smoking Sign

Which Places will be smoke free?

Nearly all enclosed and substantially enclosed public places and workplaces.
This includes offices, factories, shops, pubs, bars, public transport and work vehicles that are used by more than one person.
As a guide ‘enclosed’ means any area with a roof that has an aggregate area of opening in the walls of less than 50%.

This will mean that all indoor smoking rooms will no longer be allowed. Those wishing to smoke will have to go outside and smoke in the open or in an external shelter with openings in its walls amounting to 50% or more.

Showing you’re smoke free

It is a legal requirement to show relevant signs at all entrances to your premises and company vehicles used by more than one person will have to display no smoking signs. Click here to download PDF of no smoking signs.


Those who don’t comply with the regulations may be liable to a fine or prosecution for the following offences:

Regional Variations

The law is effective in the home countries at different dates and regulations may vary from country to country.

This page is only a guide, so please visit the following resources to be sure of your legal obligations: